Decorative Coatings

Imaginative and innovative...

Our microcoatings is a decorative concrete or another mineral material's coatings composed of cement,metalics and ETC,water-based resins, additivesand mineral pigments.It is an ideal material for both exterior and interior surfaces; applicable in floors, walls and ceilings... And the best thing is that it does not need joints! So,therefore, it makes cleaning and maintenance very easy.

We offers you a wide range of possibilities and finishes, where the limitations are applied by you. It stamps your rooms with a unique and personal character, thanks to the different textures, the great variety of colours, the different finishes (matte, satin or gloss), or metallic-effect paints and glazes. Its handcrafted application makes the result of each job or project still more unique and special... Unrepeatable, because no two surfaces will be the same.



NOËL & MARQUET design elements provide you with solutions for creative interior design to turn every space into your own living space – the perfect solution in fact, for every taste and every style.

Whether modern, classic or timeless, austere or cosy, your interiors can be refined with NOËL & MARQUET – in the kitchen, living room, bathroom or even in public premises such as restaurants or hotels.