With the genuine appearance of corten steel, this product accomplishes to recreate vintage atmospheres with the uniqueness of oxidation. Incorporated into any Cement Design’s coating, it allows the adhesion of magnets by its magnetic capacity.


Beautiful because of its colour and intense metallic luster, the copper is a classic in the world of sculpture, jewelry, architecture and art in general. Integrated in the contemporary decoration, Cement Design gets its effect with an amazing glaze.


Zinc has got into the interior design and architecture trends thanks to its beauty and ease of merging. With a captivating galvanized effect, this coating adds character and purity to the environment.


Metal that captivated millenary cultures, like Ancient Egypt, bronze continues to seduce architecture and art prescribers. Cement Design’s Bronce coating gets to evoke atmospheres full of splendor and elegance, thanks to its application and handmade polishing.


Known since prehistoric times, and characterized by its beautiful colour, Brass is a classic in the world of high-end decoration. Cement Design’s Latón combines the sophistication of its gold and metallic effects with an amazing versatility, thanks to handmade polishing.


Aluminum is one of the most widely used metals in the industry and engineering; also a reference for creating cutting-edge decorative solutions. These values fuse in Cement Design’s Aluminio with the originality of its application and handmade polishing.

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