Material chosen in palaces and residences of the bourgeoisie of the fifteenth century in Venice, the original terrazzo has its most faithful version in the Veneziana product of Cement Design. In homage to that mixture of marble, cement, coloured crystals and pearls, this coating shines with its own light.


Cement Design moves the versatile terrazzo to our current context with the Pietra Collection. Inspired by geometric abstraction and cosmopolitan essence, it creates functional environments, while being charged with comfort and solemnity.


In between the classic and romantic Italian style, the Murano Collection of Microterrazzo pays tribute to Murano glass in a perfect fusion with precious materials, such as gold and silver. It is a coating that radiates splendor and elegance in the same proportion.


Blend of delicacy and distinction, the Mate Collection of Microterrazzo assembles a selection of pastel colours with the matte finish. This perfect marriage impregnates romanticism to the surface due to its charming and subtle finish.


Cement Design is ahead of Interior design trends with this amazing coating that merges the beauty of microterrazzo with the captivating effect of photoluminescence. It shines in the dark getting environments of infinite decorative possibilities.